Huge list of features in one, all-inclusive tool. Create unlimited beautiful mobile apps instantly from a website.

Latest API support

Your app always supports the latest and greatest mostly by itself. If not, we're there to help.

Material design

Bring the best of Google's pleasing user-interface design language to your app with no extra effort.

Splash screen

Show a timed (splash) screen before your main app launches to add that professional touch.

Push notifications

Keep your app users engaged with real-time push notification delivered directly to their phones.

Navigation drawer

Insert a custom navigation drawer or sidebar menu to your app for your users to quickly access what's meant to.

Pull to refresh

Your users can refresh the (page) contents using the fancy pull-to-refresh functionality common in major apps.

AdMob monetization

Make money with your app installs by showing banner or interstitial ads with Google AdMob integration.

File uploads & downloads

Upload any type of files from your mobile app, download files via phone's download manager.

Outbound intents

Open outbound links normally e.g., call, phone, SMS or even WhatsApp. Optionally open externals links separately in browser.

Interface customization

Customise the material color scheme, optionally add a title bar and a little more just to add to taste.

Intuitive JavaScript API

Store preferences, enable or disable ads, show notifications and receive interactions with our embedded Javascript API.


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